ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System - New Standard New Approach

ISO 14001 set of international standards brings a world-wide focus to the environment, encouraging a cleaner, safer, healthier world for all. This guideline encourages organizations to focus environmental efforts so that air, water and soil neither gets polluted cause of organization’s processes. 

New ISO 14001 standard reduces conflicts between various groups working on environmental aspects throughout the world by providing them single interpretation of good environmental practice. Now a days in most of the regions of the world, it is becoming necessary to certify organization w.r.t. ISO 14001 environmental standard guidelines. 

The standards apply to all types and sizes of organizations and are designed to adapt all sort of diverse geographical, cultural and social conditions. Organizations, similar in size and also engaged in similar activities, may implement different environmental management systems and monitor its performance in different way. Organization implementing this standard is bound to comply with applicable legislation, regulations and law of the land. 

By complying with requirements of this standard, organization enhances social binding with the surrounding community. 


  • EMS can be implemented effectively along with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 system
  • Overhead cost is reduced in terms of consumables like oil, grease, lubricants etc.
  • The quantity of materials and energy required for manufacturing a product is reduced, thereby reducing the cost of the product, material handling costs, and waste disposal costs
  • Extra energy is gained from systematic recycling of the waste generated during production process
  • Health of employees is improved resulting into improved efficiency
  • Environmental information gets generated through reporting system
  • Organizations products can appeal to customers seeking green products
  • Enhances way of thinking about environment that help society and government to work together
  • Natural resources like air, water, and soil maintained clean
  • Longer resource life through reduced usage
  • Progress toward a sustainable culture