Infrastructure Assessment

Why should you perform Infrastructure Assessment?

Infrastructure Assessments are often the first step in making long lasting, critical changes to your business environment. Such assessments lay down the foundation you and your organization want. Here are a few quick reasons why this assessment is an important tool for your organization.

What should be your primary goal behind Assessment ?

While you are getting your entire environment reviewed, you most likely to have a primary pain point that you need address. Is there a particular application that is running slowly? Did you experience a recent security breach? Are you looking to refresh your end-user hardware? Are you considering technology upgradation?

Before you commence, prepare your own wish list. This will make sure that when your assessment is completed, you are receiving something that is valuable and can help you quickly and efficiently address this issue.

We focus and identify issues requiring immediate attention

Often, an assessment can reveal significant issues, such as a security issue or End of Life equipment that is no longer supported by the vendor, shortage of manpower, improper space management etc.

We determine demarcation point

You need to understand the past before you can comprehend the future. Assessments let you know exactly where you stand and can become a comprehensive plan for future infrastructure upgrades.

We education your Techno-Commercial Team

Assessments are a particularly valuable tool for leaders that operate and control organization. They provided a documented view of the current environment, and can identify issues that the team may not be aware of.

Follow up to a significant Outage

If you recently experienced an outage or serious downtime, than an Assessment is a great way to kick off the detective process. A proper assessment should identify the reason for the outage, and outline a plan to prevent it from happening again.

We eliminate firefighting and likewise situations

If your day is spent putting out fires, than it may be time to look for a proactive solution to the problem, instead of tackling small issues every time they arise.

Who will be doing the Infrastructure Assessment?

When dealing with internal obstacles, don’t be afraid to ask for some credentials. Getting a list of industry certifications that their employees have is a good start. If you are getting a review of your entire environment, find out how many people will be working on your assessment. Multiple experts on one assessment implies that you are getting a thorough review by people who are detailed experts in a certain field, as opposed to a general review by one person covering multiple technical components.

Key points in making an Assessment successful

  • How clearly are the findings prepared
  • Do they have dashboard of critical findings
  • How is the information presented
  • Are details of the technical analysis included
  • Are the evidences available supporting the findings