Green Product Certification - Guideline Over View

The ISO 14024 standard establishes the principles and procedures for ecolabels and certifications that are verified by a third party, ensuring that consumers and professional purchasers are given accurate, comparable information.

This is an overview of the standard

  • Voluntary nature
  • ISO 14020 Principles apply
  • Applicants comply with environmental and other relevant legislation
  • Criteria development includes comprehensive life cycle consideration approach
  • Environmental criteria differentiate environmentally preferable products from others
  • Criteria based on indicators arising from life cycle considerations
  • Fitness for purpose and levels of performance taken into account in developing criteria
  • Criteria are set with a predefined validity period. Criteria and product function requirements are reviewed, and potentially revised, within a predefined time period
  • Formal open participation process for selection and review of product categories, environmental criteria and product function characteristics
  • All environmental criteria & function characteristics are verifiable. Compliance assessment incorporates generally acceptable standards and methods
  • Transparency exists through all stages of ecolabelling program development and operation
  • Unnecessary obstacles to international trade don’t exist
  • Application and participation is open to all potential applicants
  • Development and selection of criteria based on sound scientific and engineering principles
  • Program is free from undue influence
  • Any fees are kept as low as possible and applied equitably to all applicants and licensees
  • Confidentiality of pertinent information is maintained
  • Mutual recognition is deemed desirable