Go-Green Certification

Go green certification helps every business and organization to understand & reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability. At Geotek Global, we define key areas and specific guidelines in categories such as recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction and "environmentally friendly" purchasing.

Going Green Is Saving Green

Many organizations presume that implementing system to save the environment and will add the cost in their operations without adding value to the services. Where as this is not the fact. If 'Go Green' fundamentals are implemented in right manner, system itself will take care of organization and reduce overall operation cost in long run.

Save a drop of water today, collect ocean after year. Save a piece of paper today, see a dense forest after year. Benefits are dependent upon our point of view. Throughout the globe, many countries are is trying to motivate manufacturing, service, education, retail, real estate, transport, aviation and rest all industries to start implementation of this framework with common goal 'Going Green Is Saving Green' There is growing interest in a voluntary kind of environmental work that is still in its infancy stage in India, but luckily it is growing every day. Followings are key benefits.

  • Lower operating cost and increase asset value
  • Reduced waste sent to landfills
  • Less energy and water consumption

This will surely deliver only one possible result .... 'A Better Tomorrow'.

It's hard to overlook, among the many striking advantages to Going Green, particularly how it takes less time to pay back upfront, cost compared to non-green business and services.

Not only is there a long-term cost saving by going green, there are other benefits. Studies have illustrated employee productivity and academic performance increase when working in a infrastructure where the air in cleaner and there's natural light. As a result, morale improves, absenteeism decreases, there are fewer sick days and health costs go down. There's also evidence to support claims that retail sales jump in stores where there's more natural light, and hospitals with elements of sustainable design experience earlier discharges.

At Geotek, we take pride in leading initiatives. We understand our relationship with the society; our efforts shall help our nation to grow by preventing loss of energy, enhancing resource utilization in better way and protecting our 'Mother Nature'.