Energy Saving Solutions

We offer all inclusive services from energy saving opportunities identification to the solutions based on analysis and consulting. Our highly competent team of ‘Bureau Of Efficiency’ Accredited Energy Auditors, Certified Energy Auditors and Certified Energy Managers having experience in variety of sectors comprising of Petroleum Industry, Steel Industry, Cement Industry, Commercial Building Projects, Hospitality Industry, Engineering and other service sectors is managing various functions over many years.

Services we provide

Energy Audit

The essential foundation required to identify energy saving opportunities it to analyse current situation. Energy Audit is the key to Energy Management System. The Energy Audit is designed to determine why, when, where and how energy is used in Industry.

Types of Audit

  • Benchmarking
  • Walk through energy audit
  • Targeted Energy Audit
  • Detailed Energy Audit

Our Approach and Methodology

  • Data Collection
  • ABC Analysis
  • Field Study and Measurement
  • Data Collation and Analysis
  • Report preparation and submission